11 November Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Son in 2022

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As a father or mother, you’ll think you know your son so well until his November birthday comes around and then you’re still confused about what gifts to buy for him. For this year,  we’ve got you covered with our carefully selected list of amazing gifts that will just be right for your son.

Items that’ll bring pure joy to his heart on his day and also create memories he’ll always revisit.


You might be wondering what your son will like for a birthday gift, well you’re about to find out, scroll down and pick any of the 11 gifts that will make your son’s birthday unforgettable.

1. Musical instruments

Firstly, you can buy a violin, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, or any other instrument your son admires. These instruments will make great birthday gifts that you can buy for your son if he is celebrating his birthday this November. This will be perfect if he is into music or loves musical instruments.

2. Books 

Secondly, if your son loves reading books, then you can’t make a pass on this one. Every good reader loves a good library and hardcopy books make the best gifts, just make sure it’s what your son has an interest in.

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3. Sneakers are one of the Best Birthday Gifts to Buy for your Son this November 

Thirdly, every man loves a good pair of sneakers. Stepping out in style with that unique pair of Nike, Reebok, or any good brand of sneakers you buy for your son’s birthday will definitely add a touch of elegance to his looks.

4. Sports Jersey 

If your son is the sporty kind, then one of the best birthday gifts you can buy for him this November will be a sports jersey. All you need to do is buy him a new sports jersey of his favourite player or one with his name customized on it.

5. A Box of Chocolates is Among the best Birthday Gifts to buy for your Son in November 

In addition, chocolates pass on a message of love. And if your son has a sweet tooth then chocolates will make perfect gifts that you can for him on his November birthday.

6. Tie-Dye T-Shirt

A colourful tie-dye t-shirt styled with jeans or shorts never goes out of fashion. It is also among the affordable gift to buy for your son on his birthday this November.

7. Pets are also very Thoughtful November Birthday Gifts that you can Buy for your Son 

This is the best birthday gift for your son if you want him to have a pet that he’ll grow with and you’re certain he likes pets. Be sure to know what kind of pet he’ll like to have.

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8. Board Games 

If your son is introverted, then you can add a little more fun to his life with a new board game. Chess or scrabble board can add some fun to him his birthday. Gifts like these will make your son really happy this November.

9. Gadgets

The world’s technology is advancing fast. And so it’s getting almost impossible to do anything effectively without a gadget. Surprise your son with a new gadget on his birthday this November and watch him smile from ear to ear. Gadgets are one of the most appreciated gifts. However, you must be financially ready for you to be able to buy one.

10. Denim Shirts 

Denim shirts have ruled men’s fashion for a long time and are not willing to give that up soon. Your son with a good sense of fashion will certainly appreciate a neatly packaged denim shirt as a birthday gift.

11. Food Basket 

Lastly, contrary to popular opinion, food baskets are not feminine. Everyone eats food. Buy your son a food basket of his favourite snacks, drinks and fruits beautifully packaged and that smile you want to see on his face won’t be missing.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that we have covered a variety of unique birthday gifts that you can buy for your son in this article. And any gift you decide to choose from this list in November, be rest assured that it will surely make your son happy.  It will also create those wonderful memories that’ll make him smile whenever he remembers.

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