DIY Boho Halloween Wreath

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Its spooky season and I have been dying for all things fall. When I saw this wreath from Stephanie Hanna on Pinterest, it inspired me to make my own DIY Halloween Wreath! So if you’re ready for fall and needing the perfect spooky boho halloween wreath for your fall decor here is how I made this DIY Boho Halloween Wreath!

diy boho halloween wreath

There is a written AND video tutorial in this post! Scroll to the bottom to watch the DIY boho halloween wreath video tutorial!

What You’ll Need:



DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Step 1: Apply Faux Maple Leaves to Wreath Base

*I didn’t do this but I would recommend painting your skulls first or the day before so they can dry and be ready to attach!

The first thing I did was snag this white berry wreath from Home Goods. The exact brand I got was Martha Stewart, but the thing about Home Goods is you can’t guarantee they have anything! So I’ve linked alternatives for example I think simply using two of these white berry wreaths from Amazon would work too. I’ve added a few more ideas up in the supplies list too.

Then I snagged some light colored faux maple leaves from the craft store and cut of all the individual leaves and started placing them around the wreath. I realized I wanted the leaves to be just a tad bit lighter to I grabbed some white spray pain I had on hand and did a super light spritz on all the leaves.

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After the leaves were dry, I hot glued them to the wreath. I was sure to glue them on well since a lot of the other elements were doing to be glued on top of or to the leaves.

Step 2: Make the Focal Point

After all my leaves were attached, I started to play around with the placement of all the faux grasses and skulls. I really wanted to have a big focal point on one side like the inspo wreath so I played with it until it looked the way I wanted.

Hopefully, you were smarter than me and you painted your skulls ahead of time and they’re dry ready to attach! If not I used a gentle hair dryer to help speed up the process. It took me about 3 coats of paint to cover the skulls completely.

Once Everything looks the way I wanted to, I hot glued on all the faux grasses then added the skulls as well. You can also use floral wire to attach the grasses but I found hot glue worked fine for me. Use the wire cutters to cut off extra long stems or leaves if you need.

Step 3: Add in the extras (Spiders, Bats, Butterflies, more grasses)

After the focal point is done, I played around with the placement of the spiders, bats, butterflies, and more grasses. Once everything looked the way I wanted it to, I glued everything into place.

Everything but the butterflies which were on a wire so I just wrapped the wire around the wreath and secured it. This was nice since I was still able to adjust the placement of the butterflies a little since they’re just attached to a wire.

The dollar store clip on bats and spiders I simply clipped on, I didn’t glue them. I did, however, glue on some bats I got from Amazon (linked above).

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Step 4: Glue on Black Sticks

Finally, the last step is gluing on the black decor sticks. I got mine from the Target dollar section, each bundle was $3 and I used 5. You can attach these with floral wire, but again, I just used a healthy amount of hot glue.

And then you’re done!

If you’re a visual learner, or even if you’re not, watch the video tutorial below to get extra tips and see the creation process!

DIY Boho Halloween Wreath Video Tutorial

I’m obsessed with how this wreath turned out! I may play around and maybe add a few more bats but who knows!

Brian says if I put it on my front door I might have to add an air tag just to make sure I don’t loose it to porch pirates! It took way too long to pull together to lose it!

If you make this wreath or one inspired by it, be sure to tag me on IG @CassScroggins!

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diy boho halloween wreath

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