Ecovacs launches Goat G1 robotic lawn mower that relies on cameras and GPS

Ecovacs continues to leverage its expertise in robot vacuum cleaners by announcing the Goat G1 robotic lawn mower equipped with a dual camera and plenty of sensors. The Ecovacs Goat G1 won’t be available until early 2023 for an unknown price, but now it is making the cut as one of the most advanced robot lawnmowers introduced.


  • Ecovacs’ new Goat G1 robotic mower uses a 360-degree camera and a lot of sensors.
  • The Goat G1 boasts GPS positioning and up to 600sq meters of cutting area in a day.
  • Ecovacs says the Goat G1 will be released early next year for an unknown price.

The Chinese robotic brand equipped the Goat G1 with a 360-degree camera positioned on top and a 150-degree forward-facing fish-eye camera. Its pair of snappers can scan the surrounding for up to 100 meters with a 25 fps shooting rate. There are also sensors used in 3D mapping and obstacle avoidance, which are similarly used on the company’s robot vacuums.

Because of the surveillance feature of the Ecovac Goat G1, the company doubles down on security and privacy matters. It specifies that data gathered are stored in accordance with a TÜV Rheinland certification.

Ecovacs’ new Goat G1 robotic mower is IPX6 water-resistance / © Ecovacs

Ecovacs Goat G1’s big wheels and wireless connectivity

Ecovacs’ Goat G1 robotic mower is integrated with a UWB (ultra-wideband) carrier to enhance signal transmission even when it is navigating in areas with a high density of trees and walls. GPS localization is used for accurate positioning in addition to inertial navigation. It supports wireless boundary setting too. Users can customize the area using the Ecovacs mobile app.

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Ecovacs Goat G1 robot lawn mower
Ecovacs Goat G1 uses UWB and GPS localization when navigating / © Ecovacs

As regards the cutting function, the robotic lawn mower has a cutting width of 22 cm and a 3-6cm adjustable cutting height. Furthermore, it comes with 22 cm all-terrain wheels that can support climbing sloped spots with 45 percent inclination. The battery of the Goat G1 is rated at 5.2 Ah. Ecovacs says the GOAT G1 robot can trim an area of 600sq meters in a day.

How much does the Ecovacs Goat G1 cost and when will it be released

Although the pricing is yet undisclosed, Ecovacs is targeting the Goat G1 for a March 2023 release. They added that the Goat G1 robot lawn mower will be available first in China and Europe. Unfortunately, they didn’t divulge any hints of US availability. At the same time, Canada’s Toro is launching a robotic mower on the same timeline.

What are your thoughts on smart home cleaners getting more cameras? Do you think companies have enough measures in put to avoid security and privacy breaches? We’d love to hear your insights about this in the comment section.

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