FFXIV Glam Guide: Nails – A Variety Streamer Exclusive

Glam is Important

So someone convinced you to play Final Fantasy XIV and while you’re enjoying the game just fine, you can’t stop thinking about how to glam your character up. And I mean, let’s be real, glam is the true endgame. Don’t fret. I have a couple of easy ways to add glam to your characters’ life via nails on those currently plain, un-glam hands.

FFXIV Nails – The Easiest Way

The Claws of the Beast in FFXIV
The Claws of the Beast

The easiest way to get nails on your character’s hands is by purchasing them for MGP at the Gold Saucer. The Prize Claim Gold Saucer Attendant at the main counter sells Claws of the Beast for 30,000 MGP. They’re located under Prize Claim II Armor near the bottom of the list. These nails are, as the name indicates, long and claw-like. You can dye them any color you like. This is the easiest way to add nails to your character as you can scrounge up 30K MGP fairly easily. If you’re not sure how and are broke, check out my MGP Farming Guide. If you aren’t into the claw look and want something more natural looking (in a fantasy game no less) read on to find out how to acquire False Nails.

False Nails via Beast Tribe Quests

False Nails in FFXIV
False Nails

False Nails are going to cost you a bit more time than the Claws of the Beast, but they do look pretty nice and are therefore worth it for any glam-obsessed adventurer. First, you’re going to need to initiate the Ananta Beast Tribe quests. To do this, you’ll have to complete the Brooding Broodmother quest offered by Mrahz Nunh in The Fringes (X 30.2, Y 25.7). If you don’t see this quest, that means you have not yet completed a couple of sidequest chains that are a prerequisite. Fashion is pain.

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The first chain begins with Lv. 61 The Hidden Truth offered by Serpent Marshal Brookstone in The Fringes (X 9.2, Y 10.8). The rest of this questline goes as follows: Drawing a Blank, Seeking Answers, and The Honest Truth. 

The next sidequest chain you’ll need to complete begins with Mrahz Nunh in The Fringes (X 30.2, Y 25.7) Lv. 67 A New Contender. The rest of this questline is: Down but Not Out, Make a Man Out of You, Honoring Family, and The Rose Blooms Twice. 

Once, you’ve completed these, Mrahz should offer you the Brooding Broodmother quest. After this, you’ll be able to complete daily quests for the tribe that will earn you both reputation and Dreamstaffs. Luckily, False Nails only require the lowest rank, Friendly, to purchase. You’ll need to earn 6 Dreamstaffs to purchase these from Madhura, Dreamstaff Exchange. That was a lot of work, but hey, you’ve got dyeable nails now!

FFXIV Nails Two Ways

I’ve given you the easy way and the slightly-less-easy way to get some glam nails on your character. Get one or both. After all, “More is more and less is a bore!” – Iris Apfel.

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