Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kebbi State

Do you reside in Kebbi state or you are a visitor and you are wondering about fun places that you can take your kids to in the state? Well, there is no problem because in this article you will see different fun places that your kids will love to go and have fun.

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Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kebbi State

here you will be seeing 13 good fun places that you can take your kids to in Kebbi state

1. Sha’aban Supermarket is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kebbi State

In  860101, Birnin Kebbi l one of those fun places where you can take your kids to shop. It’s the most reliable and contained Goods of your satisfaction which low and affordable prices. This is really one big fun place your kids to. 

2. MKC Restaurant and Events

At Shop 43 & 44 Fatima Adamu Powa Complex Opposite CST Birnin lives a very wonderful restaurant with mouth-watering meals. This place is known for making fantabulous meals that send chills running down your spine

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3. Shagalinku Restaurant

This is one fun-filled restaurant that you should try with your kids. Also in this restaurant, they serve mouth-watering meals that will make you thank me for showing you this place. This place is located at Murtala Mohammed Road, 860101, Birnin Kebbi

4. Madam BBB

In the street of Kebbi state lies one of those fun places at Opp Kebbi State Secretariat Gwadangaji, Birnin Kebbi – Argungu Rd. However, in this place, they cook sweet and healthy meals that will make your kids want to eat more. This makes it a fun place for your kids to be

5. Equity cakes and bakery

If your kids are lovers of baked food like bread, fish rolls etc. Well, here is the best place for you to be. However, this place also has good and safe playgrounds for kids it is located at  860101, Birnin Kebbi

6. Azbir Hotels is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kebbi State

This place is one that gives you one big place that offers you the best of luxury living in Kebbi State. Also, this place is fun to be with our kids because they will enjoy the luxury at their doorstep. Also, this place is located at 23 Sani Abacha Bye Pass, 860101, Birnin Kebbi

7. Saffar Guest Inn Ltd

This is one wonderful place in Kebbi state that gives nice vibes when you get there with your kids. Also, it has beautiful surroundings that will make the kids happy. This is one of those fun places your kids should be in. However, it is located at d, Abubakar Umar Woro Road

8. Aberta Guest Inn

This restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Kebbi state. it is located at Gesse Phase II, Birnin Kebbi. However, Your kid will love this place and it will be Fantastic for you and your family. Pls do not miss out on the fun

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9. Gesse Hotel

This hotel is good for kids because they are so many fun things to do there. However, so many people testify about this place that’s located at 94 Emir Usman Road, 860101, Birnin Kebbi

10. Peace Exclusive Suites & Restaurant

This is one big combination of a restaurant and a superb hotel. Your kids will love this place because they will not need to stress on wear to buy food. Yeah because they have a restaurant that cooks meals that will send saliva dripping from your mouth.

11. Fab International Hotel Limited

This is a beautiful place with a nice environment this is one. Also, it has so many fun-packed places you can check out around it ranging from restaurants to shops etc. It is located at Church Road, Opposite RCCG, Badariya Area.

12. Rahama Suites ( Little Heaven)

This place is a wonderful place to be with your kids and it is located Along Mechanic Village Road, Beside Old Motor Park, This place is very comfortable for you and your kids.

13. Java grill is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kebbi State

Located at F638+6WP Garkuwa Abubakar Musa Yau, 860101, Birnin Kebbi is a wonderful restaurant with mouth-watering features that will give your kids the joy that they need. It is a wonder that makes mouth-watering meals.

Take Away on 13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kebbi State Nigeria

These places listed above are wonderful places that your Kids will love to be in Kebbi state. Among all these places I have been to No. 1 & 7  and they are worth spending my money on.

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