GENESIS 1.3.5 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

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GENESIS is a classic gacha SRPG game from publisher UBIS, where you can participate in a series of fun real-time PvP battles with players from around the world.


Introduce about GENESIS

Fun PvP Real Time Strategy Gacha Game!

Welcome to GENESIS!

On mobile, there are many ways for you to have fun playing online games with other players from all over the world. Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything too special, or challenge each other in complex battlefields, sometimes just a fun gacha fighting game is enough for you to have quality entertainment while keeping your mind relax and relieve stress.

One of the forms of play that helps to achieve that happy feeling is the Gacha role-playing game. If you are curious about how to play this game, you can try GENESIS.

Online competition around the world

Gacha is a form of collecting characters with lucky spins. In this GENESIS game, through a first fighter and the victories obtained, you will accumulate points and receive a Gacha spin as a reward. There are many factors of chance that bring a lot of appeal in this game genre. Because of Gacha, you may have new characters, or you may also have new character upgrades or rare items that are not possible in normal combat.

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GENESIS, to increase player excitement, creates real-time PvP battlefields where you can compete against many other online players who are just like you. To add to this excitement, the game offers a PVP Matching System, which compares you with many other players to show each person’s strength and celebrate the list of top players.

Unexpected tactical battles

Play as one of the 3 cute SD characters included at the beginning of the game (and later on, whichever character you unlock from Gacha). You start your own battle, through unpredictable strategic tactical battles.

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Just these 3 characters alone, you have thousands of ways to develop and train them in their own ways. Collect weapons, upgrade character strength, add or remove items to equip the character. Each of these changes helps you experiment with a new strategy in battle. The rich diversity of the game comes not only from the character’s appearance, armor or weapons, but also from the way these characters, after each upgrade, participate in combat in a new way.

Weapons and terrain

Turn Gacha and collect many things, you will have a total of more than 200 weapons. They are a great addition to the game’s upgrade system. Each item has different strengths and elements, helping the character to deploy powerful moves in many ways. Thereby, you also have more ways to approach your opponent.

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The terrain where each match takes place is also different. By taking advantage of the attribute set of each equipment and character, combined with the advantage of the terrain to increase damage and increase the chance of victory. This is also a tactical aspect of the game.

Costume evolution

I have to use the word Evolution instead of Upgrade because with different Skins, the character not only has a newer look, more epic armor, but also significantly increased strength. With each role-playing character card, at levels 20, 40, 60, 80 you will have costume changes with significant changes in appearance and combat ability.

The tactical nature of GENESIS is also reflected in the choice of development path for your character. Choose to go up by a specific class or follow different forks. Every decision is up to you, all the excitement is on you and how you are exploiting this game.

Download GENESIS APK for Android

The image is beautiful and shimmering, the skill effects are bright, the colors are beautiful, the sound is quite good. GENESIS not only attracts players with these external factors, but also with the diversity in the character development and enhancement system. If you want to understand, enjoy a tactical multiplayer combat role-playing Gacha game, give GENESIS a try.

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