Sleek Calendar 2.0 — The clearest, cleanest and the simplest calendar & planner

Hello Product Hunters 👋

In just 3 seconds, figure out your entire month’s plan! Emojis play a magical role here! Or in 2 seconds only, add a new event with an auto suggested emoji! Need to change an event date? Simply drag & drop the event’s icon on your new date and you are all set!

This is the power of the simplicity of Sleek Calendar!

🤔 We wondered, isn’t the majority have no time or not interested to manage their upcoming day-to-day events! Or those who hate a grey dot reminding them of their beloved one’s birthday instead of a birthday cake emoji?!

And being among the majority too, we asked ourselves, why do all Calendar and Planner apps look alike? Don’t say they don’t, because THEY DO!

👉 Why is there not a calendar app that is designed for a mom where she can assign a particular emoji for her baby’s milestones and memories since birth?! So, she can bring them back in one list by filtering her calendar by that emoji!

👉 Or for that young man who wants to share his date nights with his love? Later, he can add photos to turn it into a sweet memory! Or a bitter one! 😉

👉 Or for a husband who wants to stay aware of his wife’s schedule and a dad who wants to check if he won’t miss his kids school events before committing to his friends’ plans?!

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👉 Or a Gen Z who prefers to “see” his tasks because you know, “reading” is for old people!

Sleek Calendar makes it easy and fun to manage your events, appointments, and memories like no other calendar or planner app does!

Sleek Calendar is much more than emojis. Let’s start with what you DON’T HAVE TO DO when you use Sleek Calendar!

⛔️ You don’t have to:

🖐 You don’t have to count on your fingers the difference between repetitive events, like the menstrual cycle, a habit that you’re tracking, or even filling your car with gas! Sleek Calendar has a unique feature to filter all your events by icons. [In Sleek Calendar,] simply, use the same icon for similar events then filter your list by it and you will get the difference in days or months between each recurrence.

👇 You don’t have to tap on each date to know your appointments! (Guess which calendar app does that! 😇). Sleek Calendar saves your time by showing your entire months’ events as emojis as well as a list!

😵‍💫 You don’t have to go through endless screens, taps and date pickers to change your event date! With Sleek Calendar, simply drag & drop an event’s icon on another date!

📱 You don’t have to use messaging apps to invite others to a mutual event or appointment! Change of plans? Text them again! Sleek Calendar has a unique approach to share mutual events or appointments with other users in a single tap!

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✏️ You don’t have to type in your repetitive events manually! With Sleek Calendar, pick a date then tap a pre- assigned Quick-Event icon! That’s it! You’re welcome!

❤️ Now, if you’ve read until here, then you’re definitely one of the forgotten ones! We feel your pain and struggle and we welcome you to the Sleek Calendar community.

Read more about Sleek Calendar on the App Store, download and enjoy it for free, then let us know what do you think!

Sleek Calendar is a free app, supported by ads /or by affordable subscription plan which includes unlimited cloud backup for your events and photos along with the ability to share unlimited number of events with your friends/family members!

– Saqib Halwani


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