War Thunder Edge APK Download for Android

War Thunder Edge is a multiplayer online MMO war game in which each player is allowed to freely use military vehicles in war such as tanks, fighters… to participate in fierce battles.


Introduce about War Thunder Edge

Storm military war on the online arena!

The ultimate MMO game for mobile

War Thunder Edge attracts players around the globe because of its fast pace. The second unique feature is that the game allows players to manually control a lot of epic military war vehicles to fight with other players on bloody online battlefields.

With a large number of vehicles and weapons, you will be able to experiment with every battle strategy you can think of. Through battles, you gain experience, become braver and more seasoned to continue climbing the ladder of fame while fighting more veteran players.

The third point that makes the game attractive is in the very fair real-time combat. As an army general, you will embark on every battlefield, fight hard with many online players around the world and freely unleash all your strategic talents. On the other player’s side, they have similar opportunities, the same starting point, the same effort required to progress. War Thunder Edge is therefore very fair and maintains its highly competitive fighting style.

Shooting MMO where you can experience all military vehicles

Have you ever thought that you can control many combat machines in the same battle, from tanks, helicopters, to military aircraft? In War Thunder Edge you can do this easily. This is also the core difference of this game compared to many other MMO games out there.

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On the classic large-scale maps with flexible terrain that changes and the freedom to choose the configuration, you will quickly witness a huge military battlefield full of the most aggressive vehicles seen in the great wars of mankind.

Each vehicle group (corresponding to a certain group of players) will engage in separate areas suitable for that vehicle. For example, tanks and military armored vehicles will “deal” with each other on the ground, while fighter aircraft will fight in the sky. Between battles you can retreat, surrender unconditionally or flee to choose another vehicle and continue to fight the opponent.

Whichever option you choose, defense or attack, wide area or face-to-face, all battles in War Thunder Edge are fast-paced, with full firepower and gear for you to fight tirelessly.

More details about military vehicles

Most of the military vehicles in War Thunder Edge are taken from historical realities during the Second World War. You will choose a team or fight alone, choose to drive a tank or fly a plane, choose to attack first or be defensive, waiting for the opportunity to ambush the enemy.

With different tactics, the results will also be different. Concentrate the feats, you will receive many valuable rewards. These rewards can be exchanged for money to upgrade vehicles or open new vehicles. Only by increasing the power of each vehicle can you survive on this fierce battlefield.

Currently, War Thunder Edge offers 3 groups of vehicles and 35 ground combat units divided into 4 vehicle platoons, 12 types of fighter aircraft and 20 warships.

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If listening to the number of military vehicles above is still not “high” for you, I will reveal more about the quite liberal gameplay of this game. During the gameplay of War Thunder Edge, with each vehicle you can have its own upgrade paths, change ammo types or customize equipment to increase strength on the battlefield.

Not only that, the course of a battle was unpredictable. Even if you have all kinds of powerful weapons and vehicles, it’s still not certain to win. You need to care whether your allies are fighting according to the right tactics or not? Are they on the defensive or have they left the position? There are many factors that affect the final outcome of each battle. It is this point that makes 1001 fun for the game.

The battlefields are all unique, there is no duplication. Each battlefield has many different points for you to directly participate in the battle according to the area corresponding to the device you are controlling. Is it easy to drive a vehicle? I must say very flexible. On the mobile screen, with a system of virtual buttons, you will freely control your car, train, plane in many smooth directions, and freely switch between vehicles smoothly. A lot of things can be transferred during combat without any difficulty.

Download War Thunder Edge APK for Android

Join the explosive World War battlefield as a talented leader, directing and driving powerful military vehicles to victory in exciting PVP battles. War Thunder Edge is a high-speed game you should play if you want to have the opportunity to experience a variety of epic military equipment at the same time.

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